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  • North West Perspective
  • North West Perspective[1]
  • South East Perspective
  • South West Perspective
  • South West Perspective[1]
  • West Perspective
  • 11 Kowhai St - Front Perspective
  • 11 Kowhai St - Internal Perspective
  • 515 Moore Valley Rd - East Perspective
  • 515 Moore Valley Rd - South East Perspective
  • Front Perspective - Axon - Light Grey
  • Lot 6 - West Perspective
  • Lot 1108 - East Perspective

Raven Architecture

The Vision Profile
To design innovative, environmentally conscious architecture.

The Mission
To provide an exceptional architectural service, which meticulously considers the client’s needs, the building’s purpose and the environment.

Core Values
To build a successful company, it must be confidently founded upon its core values. This innovative architectural practice commits itself to creating customer and employee satisfaction within a positive and professional environment and will endure to provide this with integrity, consistency, efficiency, authenticity and with outstanding service.

About Raven Architecture

Based in Lower Hutt we are an architectural practice which specialize in providing service in two key areas:

  • Residential - providing a comprehensive architectural and planning service for all aspects, ranging from the smallest internal alteration to large scale high end new construction.
  • Light Commercial - providing architectural services for a whole range of developments open to the public. These include childcare and educational facilities, multiunit dwellings, community assemblies, restaurants, office fit outs etc.

We aspire to grow and take on large scale commercial and institutional projects in the future.

The services provided will not be limited to architectural design and draughting, but will cover resource consents, development planning, as well as construction monitoring.

As one of the only qualified Homestar professional in the local area I will be able provide this additional service to certify a nationally recognised Green Building Quality Assurance Mark – a bit like Energy Star for home appliances.

David Auer

About the Director, David Auer

Over the last seven years David has been involved in designing and draughting hundreds of new homes and alterations in both the residential and light commercial areas. His experience and passion for the field prompted the start of Raven Architecture. He aspires to make a positive difference in the field of architecture, and is particularly passionate about environmentally friendly building design.

“A greener approach will benefit not only the environment but also the client as they live in a building that is healthier and more efficient to run. This can also be done in a way that won't blow the budget.”

David strives to stay ahead of the game when it comes to building and construction innovations. This is apparent in his recent certification as a Homestar Assessor.

Lastly, he highly values his relationships with his clients and believes that great communication is the key to ensuring that the finished product meets and exceeds all expectations.

We are also members of the Superhome Movement which is a nonprofit organization that aims to raise standards of housing so that all new homes are healthier and more energy efficient. To find out more about the organization and find other environmentally conscious members of the construction industry please click on the following link: www.superhome.co.nz

Superhome Movement Homestar Practitioner Homestar Assessor Licensed Building Practitioner

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